Samsung is The Leading LCD TV Vendor as of Q1 2008

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The leading information provider, conferences and consulting with regard to the display supply change and display related industries DisplaySearch just released the newest share numbers for the LCD TV vendors for this year Q1 in North America. As per the assessment of the first quarter Samsung once again reached the top notch of the LCD TV vendors ranking.

It was in the year 2007 that Samsung ranked for the first time in Q1. Samsung then is yet again invincible. The Q1 sales results have been very tight. Samsung was able to garner 12.8%, Sony 12.7%, Vizio 12.5% in the LCD trade.

Nonetheless, Vizio showcased the biggest boost of sales compare from its last year’s sales about the top flat panel TV brand. From 10.3% in the 2007 Q4 results compared to the 12.2% points obtained in the 2008 Q1 Vizio indeed revolutionized its sales. Sony on the other hand appeared to gain the second rank in the US distribution. Its LCD and Plasma in one product strategy is working very well.

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