Samsung Introduces The Samsung Galaxy A8, Its Slimmest Smartphone Yet

Samsung Galaxy A8Certain features make smartphones stand out from the rest. The biggest smartphone makers try to take advantage by trying to offer features not present in other smartphones. It can be in terms of form as well as function. Design-wise, many people are looking at slimmer smartphones as an important preference, as long as it does not affect performance and other features. With this in mind, Korean electronics giant Samsung has recently introduced its slimmest smartphone yet in the form of the new Samsung Galaxy A8.

The new Samsung Galaxy A8 smartphone comes in at just 5.9 mm thin and weighing 151 grams. It is considered to be the slimmest smartphone for Samsung to date. Users may also appreciate the bezel size that can almost be rounded off to zero. This smartphone features one of the most ideal display screens relative to its size. Although there are other thinner and slimmer smartphones is the market compared to the new Samsung A8, this smartphone simply improves Samsung’s benchmark when it comes to establishing a slimmer smartphone standard in its lineup of mobile products.

The new Samsung A8 smartphone may be considered a mid-range phone based on its specs. This smartphone comes with an 8-core Snapdragon processor with 2GB of RAM. It also comes with a 16MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera. The Samsung Galaxy A8 also comes with a 3,050 mAh battery with a lot more power to offer compared to the Samsung Galaxy S6. Other features of the new Samsung Galaxy A8 includes a fingerprint sensor for added security and hand-wave detection for a more convenient photo or selfie captures with easy and stable controls. The new Samsung A8 smartphone made its way first into the Chinese market, where it is expected to cost around 3,500 yuan or about $560. Soon enough this new smartphone from Samsung may eventually find its way in the US and Europe any time soon.

Image Source: Samsung

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