Samsung Instinct s30

Samsung recently unveiled the Instinct s30 mobile phone, which on the outside looks like a smaller version of the original Instinct.  However, the Instinct s30 is not really a mini Instinct.

Compared to the original Instinct, the s30 has a far sexier appearance.  The curves around the edges make it more pleasing to look at compared to the blockish stature of the original Instinct.  The 3.2-inch display with 432 x 240 resolution, however, leaves us begging for a much clearer screen.  It takes quite a while to turn the power off, and the teeny-weeny 1GB microSD card slot makes it hard to eject.  The saving grace in the Instinct s30’s design is having a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack.

The Instinct s30 uses the similar OS to the original Instinct, which some users find disappointing.  The icons on the main screen could not be customized, and the text messages still appear as a pop-up alert even when the message panel or web browser is loaded, making an utter nuisance.  The built-in applications for MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, and Photobucket come as mildly impressive, but the applications found in BlackBerry App World come as superior.  But when it comes to the basic tasks like typing a text message, making calls, and checking voicemail, users can definitely rely on the s30.

The biggest beef about the Instinct s30 is the expensive price tag.  Getting this phone on contract with Sprint for $130 could leave you wanting.  The mobile phone does not have a radio nor WiFi connectivity.  The web browser features a large sidebar that appears as a waste of space, and it only appears fine for viewing mobile web pages (but not that good in web pages).  It does not have a multi-touch feature or even an accelerometer.

The bottom line:  The Samsung Instinct s30 would have been a great lower-end phone if it is promoted as such.

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