Samsung Innov8 Declared Best Camera Phones of 2008

Samsung may be famous for its plasma TVs, but this electronics company also offers camera phones that are appreciated by the most sophisticated people.  Its Innov8 camera phone comes with an 8-megapixel camera, along with tons (and we mean tons) of features, all in a surprisingly compact yet weighty unit.  This is why it is not surprising at all when CNET named Samsung Innov8 as one of the Best Camera Phones of 2008.

The Samsung Innov8 comes with an expansive 2.8-inch display that shows up to 16.7 million colors.  With that much colors, expect your screen and your photos to be vivid and sharp down to the details.  Taking pictures using this camera phone has never been easy.  For one, you could simply rotate the phone in your hand to convert from portrait mode to landscape. 

You could also take pictures in seven resolutions and four color effects.  Other features in the camera mode include brightness and white balance controls, self-timer, 8x digital zoom, mosaic-shot mode, quality settings, adjustable ISO, exposure metering, and a silent option if you do not want to hear annoying shutter sounds. 

The camera mode also lets you choose from 12 different scene settings that will automatically adjust the camera for a certain shooting condition.  The Innov8 also comes with an anti-shake function that decreases motion blur in your photos.  It can also automatically take pictures when it sees someone smiling, and even tells you when somebody blinked during the shoot.

The Innov8’s navigational menus are simple and intuitive.  A lot of options are available on the main menu page, while you can also activate a shortcut bar to appear on the standby screen.  You can personalize your phone with a bunch of color themes and wallpapers.  Apart from being a really cool camera, the Samsung Innov8 enables you to receive clear phone calls.

However, with all those features you still leave wanting for some minor details.  For instance, there is no optical zoom for that powerful of a camera, while its flash can be a little too disappointing.  Meanwhile, text size is not adjustable at all.

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