Samsung HZ10W Compact Camera

samsung hx10w

The leading manufacturer of a wide range of high-quality home appliance and digital consumer electronic products, Samsung, announced its newest 10.2 MP compact digital camera, the Samsung HZ10W. This offering features the latest in image technologies, settings, and editing tools that will allow you to capture great photos.

One of the highlights of the Samsung HZ10W is the ultra-wide angle 24mm Schneider lens. To complement this feature, the compact camera also has a powerful 10x Digital Optical Zoom Technology, which is great for capturing different depths of subjects. The HZ10W also has telephoto capabilities of 240mm-35mm film equivalent.

One outstanding feature of this camera is the image settings that allow it to accommodate different lighting conditions and environments. The Samsung HZ10W has settings for portrait for shooting subjects in their most dramatic appearance as well as landscape for capturing the horizon, cityscape, and mountains.

If you are a professional photographer who wants to have full control over the camera settings, then the Samsung HZ10W is for you. It is designed with configurations which you can change manually. Another striking feature is that the camera supports Smart Album program, allowing you to search a particular image from your memory card; this application arranges each image automatically. Suggested retail price is $299.99.

Image Source: Samsung

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