Samsung HT-BD2S: Blu Ray Home Theater System Downsized

Samsung HT-BD2S

Samsung’s HT-BD2T now has a little brother. Samsung has created the HT-BD2S Blu Ray home theater system.

HT-BD2S is basically the same as its big brother. The 7.1-channel S includes the same Blu-ray player like those featured in the BD2S, but with 2 major differences. HT-BD2S has small satellite speakers. And it’s cheaper.

The small satelite speakers replaced the tall, floor-standing speakers of the BD2T, making them available to be mounted on wall mounts or shelves.

And it’s available for only US$ 1, 000.

However, the relatively low price does not compensate for what’s lacking. The head unit – the combination receiver/Blu-ray player/amplifier, featured in the BD2S is identical to the one on the BD2T. Meaning it will still have the same problems: slow-loading and limited to Profile 1.0 spec. No picture-in-picture commentaries. No online-enabled features. And low connectivity options which means few inputs for connecting to other AV sources. Still those small sattelite speakers may be an improvement on the sound quality.

But, if it is an inexpensive all-in-one Blu Ray home theater you’r looking for then this might be the home theater system of choice for you. Until a state-of-the art Blu Ray home theater comes along that is worth splurging more that a thousand bucks on.

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