Samsung HT-AS720ST

Samsung HT-AS720ST Home Theater System

The Samsung HT-AS720ST is a moderately priced home theater system that may provide the difference between the lowly budget priced home theater system and the high end version. This system is composed of a Blu-Ray player and AV receiver along with 5 speakers and a subwoofer. The features that the Samsung HT-AS720ST aims to give users better quality audio as well as video in a home theater set-up.

The Samsung HT-AS720ST AV receiver provides support for 7 speakers instead of the usual 5 channel speaker set up. Although the Samsung HT-AS720ST comes only with 5 speakers, its subwoofer is self-powered, leaving two more slots for additional speakers just in case.

The Samsung HT-AS720STis also equipped with 2 HDMI input slots and an HDMI output that features 1080p up conversion for better quality movies being watched from standard definition sources. This would enable users to take advantage of using their HDTV along with a compatible home theater system that supports the full high definition signal. The Samsung HT-AS720ST home theater system is available at Amazon for US$378.

Image Source: Samsung

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