Samsung HomeSync: Like Apple TV, but with storage

Samsung HomeSync

Samsung HomeSync

Samsung has just lifted the veil off its very own TV box. The Samsung HomeSync does what Apple TV and Google Chromecast are expected to do on your TV: letting you watch movies and television shows streamed from the Internet, as well as view photos and videos recorded on your smartphone. HomeSync, however, has something extra by allowing you to save and access those media files in a hard drive (hence, the $299 price tag). It also receive commands from a compatible Galaxy smartphone.

Available on October 6, the Samsung HomeSync comes with close to one terabyte of internal storage. That’s a lot of home video footages you can store for years without worrying about removing any of them.

Samsung HomeSync

Unlike Apple TV and Google Chromecast, HomeSync is a free-standing Android device so it allows you to install any app apart from video streaming software. Since its specs resembles closely to the Ouya Android-based gaming console, you can (to an extent) use the HomeSync to play games. How will you control games from HomeSync on your TV? Simply sync your smartphone to the console with the help of the HomeSync app. Your mobile device would get command buttons, or a trackpad, or even a screen-mirror mechanism wherein you can “touch” what is shown on the TV by touching it on your phone’s display.

The Samsung HomeSync works with the Galaxy S4, Note 3, S III, Note II, Note 8.9, Note 10.1 2014 edition, and the Galaxy Camera. It can probably work with other devices that have a “Samsung Link” protocol.

Source: NBC News

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