Samsung HMX-Q10 Camcorder is Godsent for Lefties

When it comes to recording videos, left-handed people are at a disadvantage because most, if not all, camcorders have straps placed on the right side. This forces lefties to hold the camera with their less-dominant hand.

The latest camcorder from Samsung, however, changes that. Its HMX-Q10 features a compact design, with a 2.7-inch touchscreen that automatically flips the displayed image if you hold the camera upside down (or holding it with the left hand).

It also only has one control for you to worry about: The record button located at the rear end. Its intuitive operation capability eliminates the need for separate function keys as you record HD-quality videos.

The Samsung HMX-Q10 camcorder is expected to ship this February, costing US$299.

Source: Engadget

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