Samsung Gives Free Galaxy S to Selected Twitter Users

Wired UK reported that a handful of lucky British Twitter users have been given free Samsung Galaxy S after either making a fuss about their iPhone 4 or having to choose between smartphone models. However, don’t get started tweeting Samsung right away because, although noble, it appears to be a marketing ploy.

Most of the users who received free Galaxy S have a certain amount of influence in the Twitterverse. Tiffany, as shown in the photo for instance, works in the Digital Marketing department of Condé Nast, which is coincidentally the parent company of Wired. Other users work either in marketing or publishing, with the exception of one student.

Now, if only Samsung could expand that ploy to several unsuspecting users, who do not have any connections with tech magazines and whatnot.

Source: Wired UK, via Engadget

NOTE: That particular tweet to Tiffany has since been delete, but Samsung tweeted that her free Galaxy S is now being shipped.

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