Samsung Gives Apple a Taste of Its Own Medicine

Remember when Apple accused Samsung of copying the iPad 2 and iPhone 4? Well, Samsung struck back with a counter suit and Apple does not like it.

A federal judge has ordered Samsung to give Apple access to the Galaxy S II, the Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1, the Infuse 4G, and the Infuse 4G LTE. Apple‘s legal team would like to determine whether its intellectual property rights were violated. Two of the five devices had yet to be released, but photos of them were already leaked on the web, making all devices no longer a secret.

Now here’s the catch. Samsung requested the federal court to view Apple’s next-generation iPhone and iPad. The Korean company argues that if the “iPad 3” and “iPhone 5” do not have the same design that Samsung has been accused of copying, then Apple cannot justifiably accuse Samsung of consistently copying Apple’s designs. Apple did not like the request and has filed a motion to block it, claiming that the suit centers around its current products and not on any future devices.

Both the next-gen iPad and iPhone have yet to be unveiled or leaked, which is why it is a big deal for Apple not to present them to anyone, let alone a competitor. Meanwhile, Samsung promises to play by the same rules Apple has to follow, including allowing outside legal counsel to inspect Apple’s products. Call it a dose of Apple’s own medicine.

Samsung has until June 17 to comply to Apple’s request and the decision whether Apple should do the same to Samsung would be revealed in a few weeks.

Source: MobileBurn, via CrunchGear

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