Samsung Gem SCH I100 Smartphone

With having new smartphone models coming out almost every month, it may be quite difficult to catch up with all of them. It may even be quite costly if one tries to keep up and changing from a new smartphone to another just as often as the new ones come along. It may be a good thing that not all of the new ones coming out are usually that expensive, just like the new Samsung Gem SCH I100 Smartphone.

The new Samsung Gem SCH I100 Smartphone may have the features of more expensive smartphone models in the market , but comes at a more affordable price. It runs on the Android Eclair OS and features a 3.2″ WQVGA touch screen display. Other features include a 3.2MP camera, 124MB internal memory with microSD Card support of up to 16GB. A faster 800MHz processor makes Web browsing, downloads as well as uploads faster. Access to the Android App market allows users to further add on features to their smartphone. The Samsung Gem SCH I100 is available in the US at US Cellular for US$30 with a 2-year service contract. The phone only option may cost around US$250.

Image Source: Samsung

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