Samsung Gear VR Arrives December

Samsung Gear VRVirtual reality has recently caught fire with the likes of the Oculus Rift virtual gaming headset. Even Sony has plans to get into the business with its Project Morpheus to build VR gaming headsets for the PlayStation. Korean electronics maker Samsung is also getting into this picture by announcing its Gear VR headset earlier this year. It seems that Samsung is taking the fast-track route as it is making the Samsung Gear VR available for a December release for its “Innovator Edition” model.

The Samsung Gear VR is a VR gaming headset developed by Samsung in partnership with Oculus VR. The Samsung VR headset kit will work with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The smartphone is required to run the VR headset along with a Bluetooth gamepad. Samsung is also making the mobile SDK for the VR headset available at the Samsung developer site for parties who are interested in developing games and apps for it.

The type of setup that Samsung offers for its VR headset may be a bit costly. Users will need to have a Galaxy Note 4 to make the Samsung Gear VR work. That will be a purchase of around $700, but still cheaper than having to buy a gaming console. Then users will need to have a Bluetooth gamepad controller, which will be another $50. The Samsung Gear VR itself will cost around $200.

The Samsung Gear VR is currently available for pre-registration at the Samsung site for those early adopters of the device. It is expected to come out by early December. Be aware that there might not be a lot to expect yet in terms of what you can do with this VR headset. It is not even a given whether this platform may even take off. Early adopters are usually taking a big gamble. But it is something people feel are worthwhile once it does become popular.

Image Source: Samsung

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