Samsung Galaxy S4 Set for March 2013 Launch?

As Apple preps itself for an unprecedented number of iPhone 5 smartphones flying off the shelves, Samsung is reportedly developing a new phone that would follow the success of the Galaxy S III.

The Korea Times has reported that an unnamed Samsung official confirmed that the company would be unveiling the Samsung Galaxy S4 at next year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, and will become available for purchase by March.

That would make the Galaxy S III, which Samsung released in May, pretty obsolete by then.

That same report claims that the S4 will be “bigger and better” than its predecessor. It will sport a 5-inch screen and quad-core processors. Also, Samsung is said to be planning on including its flexible display technology, which would allow the upcoming smartphone to be thinner than we could every imagine.

Releasing the new flagship smartphone from Samsung would make it at least six months ahead of what could be Apple’s new iPhone being released on Fall 2013.

Source: The Korea Times

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