Samsung Galaxy S IV to Feature Eye-Scrolling Navigation?

Samsung is expected to introduce its Galaxy S IV on its New York event next week and the flagship smartphone has been gaining buzz because of one feature that has gotten eyes rolling (in a good way).

Citing an unnamed Samsung employee, The New York Times reports the new device will have an “Eye Scroll” capability, which enables the phone to follow the user’s eye movements to determine when to scroll text. For instance, if the user stares at the bottom of a page, the Samsung Galaxy S IV would scroll the article up to reveal the next paragraphs.

The publication also adds that Samsung has filed for trademarks similar to Eye Scroll on both sides of the Atlantic. It also goes on into stating that this unique feature is proof that Samsung is shifting its focus on software, rather than hardware, when it comes to their mobile products.

Apart from eye-based scrolling, the Samsung Galaxy S IV is expected to sport a 5-inch display with full 1080p HD resolution. For the rest of the specs, looks like we will just have to find out on March 14th.

Source: New York Times, via The Sydney Morning Herald

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