Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch coming September 4

Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch

The formal unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch may come as early as next month. Bloomberg’s sources claim the wristwatch-like device can make phone calls, browse the mobile Web, and handle the user’s email accounts.

The sources also report that Samsung already has a launch date in mind: September 4, just two days before the opening of IFA consumer electronics event in Berlin.

Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, with multicolored straps

The Samsung Galaxy Gear will run on an unidentified version of Android, much like most Samsung devices, and will be available for retail this year. With just weeks away from a formal launch, will Apple spoil the party with an announcement of its own long-rumored iWatch? Looks like we just have to wait and see.

Technology companies have been scrambling to become the leader of this newly-created smartwatch category, with the likes of Pebbled and Sony Smartwatch 2 drawing first blood. With the market for high-end smartphones is close to saturation point, companies are developing ways to incorporate computers in smaller, wearable objects like eyeglasses and wristwatches.

Becoming a dominant player in the smartwatch industry would be crucial in the coming months. Analysts say that the first companies that are able to sell multitasking smartwatches “could lock customers into their platform, boosting sales of smartphones, tablets and TVs.”

If there is one disappointing news about the Samsung Galaxy Gear, it would have to be the lack of a flexible display, which the company has been working on for a long time. The Galaxy Gear launch event will also be the unveiling of Samsung Galaxy Note 3, its upcoming phone-tablet hybrid.

Source: Bloomberg

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