Samsung Flat Panel LCD TV

Samsung is known to produce high quality HDTVs and its latest offering, the LN-T4665F is no different. This piece of HD technology from Samsung  packs a lot of punch for maximum viewing entertainment.

For starters, this flat-panel LCD HDTV unit produces deep blacks and gives excellent shadow detail. The colors are extremely accurate and the images are really clean. The crisp images and colors can be attributed to the 10bit processing method of Samsung which allows the LCD to produce 12.8 billion life-like colors.

Furthermore, the T4665F has a native resolution of 1920×1080 pixels (1080p), enough to produce details from an 1080i and 1080p HDTV source. The 720p HDTV, DVD, computer and standard-def sources are scaled to fit the pixels.

The 46 inches display size creates quite an impression as well. Exact measurements: 43.6×12.8×30.2 inches when it includes the stand; and 43.6×4.1×23.8 inches for the panel alone. With loads of features and extreme high quality, it comes to no surprise that Samsung has introduced the LN-T4665F as its top of the line LCD TV for 2007.

This high-end Samsung LCD offers off-angle viewing that allows you to see clearly the images flashing on screen regardless of its location. This is due to the 178Ëš wide-viewing angle which basically allows users to see very well horizontally and vertically.

Aside from the image quality, there are very few improvements or changes on the LCD’s design. It has, however, more noticeable rounded corners, smoothed-out planes, and the curved bottom edge ads to the overall sleekness of the new Samsung. Plus, the trim swivel base gives that LCD panel about 20 degrees side-to-side rotation clearance.

The glossy frame and screen is also an attraction for the new Samsung LCD. When placed side-by-side against other brands, the glossiness of the Samsung does make a difference. Although, there is an issue that the glossy surface catches ambient light causing some unwanted reflections while watching your shows. However, depending on your personal preference and tolerance, such reflections from outside light can very well be insignificant during actual viewing experience.

For creative control and further enhancing the viewing pleasure, the Samsung LN-T4665F LCD HDTV has three picture modes, five presets for color temperature, and a solid range of aspect ratio controls.

It has three HDMI inputs, a pair of component-video inputs, an AV input with S-video, two RF inputs for cable and antenna, and a VGA-style RGB input with a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 for computers. That recessed bay on the side is equipped with an additional AV input with S-video, as well as a USB port for displaying JPEG format photos and playing MP3 music.

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