Samsung fined $340K for “unfair online campaign”

Samsung fined for unfair online activity against HTC

Samsung fined for unfair online activity against HTC

Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission has penalized Samsung Electronics with a $340,000 fine for commiting what officials consider as unfair online campaign against HTC.

A report from BBC states that Samsung allegedly hired an advertising firm to get students and bloggers write posts and comments that are critical to HTC and its devices, while praising Samsung’s gadgets. The ad firm, OpenTide Taiwan, also has to shell out a $100,000 penalty.

The report also says Samsung is aware of OpenTide’s activities as the firm provided regular reports about its online and social media activities to its South Korean client.

“We are disappointed that the Taiwan FTC has decided that we have violated the Fair Trade Act based on online marketing activities,” a Samsung spokeswoman said in a press statement. “However, we remain committed to engaging in transparent and honest communication with consumers.”

The spokesperson adds that Samsung’s Taiwan office is “carefully reviewing the decision” and vows to take steps into protecting “our reputation as a company which values its customers”.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for HTC refuses to comment, citing the case was between Samsung and the Taiwanese government.

Source: PC Magazine

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