Samsung ES10 Digital Camera

Samsung ES10 digital camera

The Samsung ES10 digital camera is a pretty good digital camera to have, especially for the ordinary casual photographer. For those who wish to get great pictures out of parties and special occasions, the Samsung ES10 would do just fine.

Features of the Samsung ES10 digital camera include an 8.1 mega pixel high resolution CCD sensor, making it more than able to come up with interestingly vivid and sharp still images. This resolution is quite enough to produce poster quality pictures, making this digital camera out among the other models out there in terms of quality.

The Samsung ES10 also has Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) technology built in to help reduce images suffering from camera shakes and the like. The camera’s auto sensitivity feature that can be set at the high ISO 1600 allows better quality pictures even in low light settings as well as better night time shots.

The Samsung ES10 also features video recordings in high quality VGA resolution. This camera also comes equipped with a 2.5 inch TFT Intelligent LCD screen that adjusts screen resolution automatically to prevailing lighting conditions for optimum viewing. Its external memory storage is available for up to 8 GB worth of video and images, or both, on SDHC cards.


Image Source: Samsung

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