Samsung eReader

Samsung is trying its luck in the ebook market after being quite successful in most other markets in consumer electronics. It has recently revealed its very first eReader targeted for the US market.

Samsung calls its e-book reader as the E6 eReader. Its features are more than just being a solely e-book reader. It can also act as a convenient digital notepad as it comes with its own stylus. It also features Wi-Fi connectivity that makes it also an online device which allows users to browse through the Web when needed. Aside from reading books, it can also be used to play your favorite mp3 files either through a built-in front speakers or using a headset. It features a 6 inch E-ink display and has a 2GB internal memory with an additional microSD slot when more storage space is required. No news yet on how much the Samsung E6 eReader would cost. But it certainly would be something that e-book customers would want to check out.

Image Source: Samsung

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