Samsung E1107 Mobile Phone with Solar Panel

Samsung E1107 Mobile Phone with solar panel

It seems like even mobile phones are beginning to hug trees.  Although environment-friendly cellphones have been introduced recently, the Samsung E1107 takes the cake for having a built-in solar panel.  And you thought the only solar-powered gadget is your mother’s calculator?

The solar panel equipped at the back cover of Samsung E1107 has a thickness of 1.2 millimeters and powerful enough to revive a dead battery after a 15-minute sunbath, eliminating the need for carbon-footprinting chargers. 

As for features, do not expect your jaw to drop:  FM radio, flashlight, nothing much.  However, you can activate the phone’s "Eco" profile, which basically changes the screen brightness while shutting the Bluetooth off.

The Samsung E1107 costs only $59, but so far it is only available in India and it may become available in the rest of the world before landing over at North America.  That’s too bad.

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