Samsung DualView TL220 Digital Camera

Samsung DualView TL220

Samsung has been making better and better compact digital cameras recently. Theirs have been considered as one of the top choices around among consumers looking for quality compact digital cameras. And it seems that their new Samsung DualView TL220 digital camera may also get the same warm reception.

The Samsung DualView TL220 offers an added feature that many users may welcome. It is equipped with a front 1.5" LCD display screen. This allows users to conveniently get better pictures through self-capture. What other digital cameras offer that feature by the way?

Aside from its front LCD screen, other features in the Samsung DualView TL220 make taking pictures even more convenient and easy. 12.2 mega pixel resolution with 4.6x optical zoom ensures highly detailed images. Smart Auto features of the Samsung DualView makes taking pictures more convenient by automating the adjustments needed for that perfect shot. Its rear LCD touch screen display makes viewing the images and going through the menu much simpler. A simple tap of the finger may provide access to any of the camera’s key features. This unique digital camera is available at Samsung for US$300.

Image Source: Samsung

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