Samsung Blu-Ray BD-P3600

Samsung BD-P3600 Blu-Ray Player

The Samsung BD-P3600 is a standalone Blu-ray player that offers, very fast loading times as well as exquisite high definition picture quality typical of the current Blu-ray video format. The Samsung Blu-ray is designed in the usual rectangular player deck but with a unique touch.

Yes, it comes in the glossy black color that most players like it comes in. But it comes unlike the boxy players you might be accustomed to. The Samsung BD-P3600 has rounded edges and corners that make it look quite better and unlike any other standard Blu-ray players. Its features may also be quite attractive as it offers support for both the older HDTV connections as well as support for the newer HDMI connection. It is also backwards compatible with CD and DVD formats.

The Samsung BD-P3600 also features instant streaming for Netflix movies and Pandora internet radio. The device can also be connected online through an Ethernet connector or via Wi-Fi through a Wi-Fi dongle that can be connected to the unit. It also has a 1GB worth of internal memory so that users may be able to download movies and audio right into the Blu-Ray player without using a USB flash drive for storage. At a price range of around $365 to $400, its price still remains its downside.

Image Source: Samsung

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