Samsung Behold Camera Phone

samsung behold camera phone

Just so you know, iPhone is not the only mobile phone that comes with a touch screen. When AT&T introduced the popular iPhone to the market, other carriers were rushing to jump to the touch screen phone bandwagon. Verizon Wireless has its LG Dare, Sprint Nextel introduced the Samsung Instinct, and most recently T-Mobile offered their exclusive touch screen phone through Samsung Behold.

Also known through its model name SGH-T919, the Behold bears an expansive touch screen loaded with a lot of features such as a music player, a five-megapixel camera, and most especially is 3G support that complements with T-Mobile’s fast connection.

The Behold’s candy bar design features a few physical controls below its prominent touch screen, with the camera lens located on the phones rear side. Its body measures 4.12 inches by 2.1 inches by 0.5 inches, and weighs at 4 ounces.

It bears a 3-inch display, which may not be the biggest screen around, but it can support up to 262,000 colors and loaded with bright colors and sharp graphics. The phone is available in two different colors-espresso and rose-but the features are the same nonetheless.

What is impressive about the Behold at first glance is that the screen is fully-customizable by changing the brightness, backlight time, and font type. You can also change how intense its vibrating feedback would be.

The Behold is responsive and intuitive for a touch screen mobile phone. You would not feel frustrated over mispressed buttons or misdialed numbers, but if problems do exist, you can adjust the calibration.

Its 5-megapixel camera is one of the strongest points available in a Samsung Behold. It can take pictures in four resolutions, four quality settings, exposure metering, an adjustable ISO, self-timer, auto-focus, six scene settings, brightness and white balance, and color effects.

The camera also comes with an antishake feature as well as choosing between three shutter sounds (being made-in-Korea, this phone has no silent option when taking pictures).

On the downside, Samsung Behold does not have a Wi-Fi feature while its memory card takes forever to put in, after removing the battery cover then removing the battery.

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