Samsung BD-P1500 Blu Ray Disc Player

Samsung Blu Ray Disc Player

Blu Ray Technology may not be that popular today, but it seems that this format may just be getting more appealing for consumers who look for better video quality. And that is what this technology may offer. One point of comparison with the more common DVD format- a single Blu Ray disc is able to store about 25 GB worth of data while a DVD disc can only hold 4.7 GB. This can lead to better quality videos and movies in high definition and more detailed than the current DVD format.

And with opting for the more advanced Blu Ray technology to watch your favorite movies in high definition quality, you may need a good Blu Ray disc player for it. Samsung has the BD-P1500 Blu Ray Disc Player to offer the consummate viewer of ultra high quality movies in the Blu Ray format.

The Samsung BD-P1500 Blu Ray Disc Player allows you to enjoy watching movies in high definition quality that only Blu Ray Technology can provide. You can watch movies in vivid detail with high definition 1080p resolution. Its audio is equipped with Dolby Digital Plus format as Dolby True HD delivers powerful audio that is comparable to sound coming from a studio master. This will give you full high definition sound to go with the full high definition visuals.

The Samsung BD-P1500 also has a built-in Ethernet connection that allows you to download any firmware upgrades available to keep your Blu Ray Player up to date. This player is also CD and DVD compatible so you do not have to miss out on new releases in these more popular formats.

The Samsung BD-P1500 Player also features easy and simple controls enabled in a remote that allows you full control with just one touch of a button from the comfort of your couch. With its Anynet+ feature, the player’s remote control may also be able to give you control over your other Anynet+ compatible devices in the home such as the TV or your home theater.

Image Source: Samsung

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