Samsung and Bang & Olufsen Introduce Serenata


In 2006, the collaboration between audio expert Bang & Olufsen and mobile phone technology leader Samsung resulted to the very first music phone, the SGH-E910 also known as the Serene. The release of the Serene had some mixed reviews, quite understandable for a brand new product. A few months after its release, reports came out the the two companies will be following up on the release of their music phone. And so they did. 

In 2007, the joint venture of the two companies will be releasing a keypadless touchscreen Serenata. This pure music mobile found has built-in quality speakers with advanced audio engineering courtesy of no other than Bang & Ofulsen. It features hi-fi speakers to deliver high quality sound and telephony function.

The speakers and sound quality has been designed to provide optimum music performance especially on playback of "uncompressed" music. The Serenata also handles formats like MP3, WMA, and AAC. Aside from the big and quality speakers, the Serenata phone will have high-speed internet connectivity via 3.5G, 4GB of on-board memory, and 2. 4 LCD screen capable of displaying 240×240 pixels at 262K color. The display screen was developed by Samsung. Furthermore, users can fully enjoy various multimedia features including music and video, e-mail, MMS and downloading of music tracks.

The first thing that struck me as major improvement from the Serene is the Serenata’s elegant design. Built to be operated by one hand, its click wheel navigation allows users to control the music functions easily. Although, at 63×109.5×19.7mm and at 136 grams, some might find it difficult to operate the music phone using one hand.

The wheel navigation is also used for dialing, writing and accessing the music lists and is supported by the touch-screen technology of the LCD display. Plus the cool aluminum and the lacquer is a great combination. It gives the music phone a touch of elegance, slimness and craftsmanship.

For added convenience, the Samsung B&O music phone provides accessibility to Bang & Olufsen’s BeoPlayer software and the Samsung’s PC studio which can be used to organize music files on the PC and for easy transfer of files to and from the music phone. As an upgrade for Serene, the Serenata is a great product. As expected, the retail price is quite high. The new Samsung Bang&Olufsen Serenata is said to go at US $2000 or 1400Euro.

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