Samsung Armani Phone

Think about the perfect collision of fashion and function in your mobile phone. This is what Samsung Armani P520 has to offer, remarkably translating techy-savvy to sophistication, beauty and exclusivity. This is the first phone translated to a Giorgio Armani accessory, with the personalized audio and graphics of the User Interface.

 samsung armani phone

The handset’s dimension is 87.5×54.5,10.5 mm weighing a light 84 grams. Its leather case adds a couple of millimeters to its girth. Imagine the size of a credit card. Its design is pretty simple – glossy metallic frame in a single color casing. IT comes without keypads, turning the space with a big TFT-screen with the resolution of 240×320 pixels (40x53mm), showing up to 262K colors.

All data input is done via this touch-sensitive display. It has a dependable plastic or glass display protection, providing a higher degree of safety than on standard touch-sensitive panels. The screen does well in the sun, with its picture remains legible even with the rays striking directly to it.

The model also supports bluetooth for headset, handsfree, file transfer and basic printing, as well USB-connection for media, mass storage and Samsung PC Studio. No additional drivers needed if the phone is in USB Mass Storage Mode, and it automatically recharges itself once connected to a PC via USB.

61.5 Mb of memory is readily available and it has no problems handling a 2Gb microSD memory card. It also have a 3.2 Mpix camera which can support resolutions as high as 2048×1536 pixels and as limited as 320×240 pixels. A built-in MP3 player is also included.

Having a Samsung Armani will definitely give satisfaction to the fashion conscious. Nonetheless, it’s one of the most intriguing phone to date. With a price tag ranging from 1100-1200 US Dollars, it’s really a thrill.

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