Samsung Active Wash Washing Machine

Samsung Active WashThere were a number of unique gadgets introduced at CES 2015. Most of them are consumer gadgets offering different features and updated tech. A handful of those introduced are aimed at making housework more convenient. It may not be slick and sexy, but it does its job well and users will appreciate what they can do. Take for example this new Samsung Active Wash Washing Machine.

The new Samsung Active Wash Washing Machine is a new top loading washing machine designed for high efficiency washing. This means it washes laundry in the most effective way using the least resources and energy. But the distinct feature on this washing machine is a built-in sink. It is conveniently attached as second lid to the washing machine. It is designed to pre-wash your delicates and similar loads of laundry that may not take the rigors of a typical wash cycle.

The built-in sink of the new Samsung Active Wash features grooves on the sides for manual scrubbing of delicate clothes and for soaking. The sink comes with its own water jet and can easily dump the water into the main tub for draining after use. The Samsung Active Wash is expected to come out sometime in spring of this year. Unfortunately, pricing details are not yet available for those interested.

Image Source: Samsung

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