Samsung 821SC Mobile Phone for Women

Samsung 821SC mobile phone

Samsung unveiled a compact handset in Japan that specifically targets the female market. The Samsung 821SC is slim at 17 millimeters with a 2.4-inch OLED display and a 1.96 megapixel camera. The mobile phone is available in a variety of "girl-friendly" colors like pink, silver, purple, and red. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity and up to 20 hours of TV-quality video recording.

The 821SC has a simple yet good design, with some people claiming that it looks like an Nintendo DS Lite. However, the camera could have been a bit bigger, especially if Samsung intends to sell phones for females who love to take pictures of themselves.

What other features this phone has are yet to be seen, but so far it looks promising. The Samsung 821SC is expected to be released after March 2008.

Image Source: Samsung

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