Sakku Solar Bags

Sakku solar bag

From the Swiss Company Sakku comes this very handy, versatile and above all, very earth-friendly Solar Messenger Bags.

The Sakku Solar Bags are made from recycled sailboat sails as well as other earth-friendly materials, giving each bag a history, a story behind it. To add to that, each bag is stamped with the name of the sea where the sailboat was located.

The coolest thing about the Sakku Solar bag is that it provides constant power for your mobile gadgets such as your cell phone, iPod, GPS or PDA!

Sakku has come up with three very functional and cool bags.

The Traveler

Made from recycled boat sail and also manufactured entirely in Switzerland.


The Worker

It’s collection’s "small" bag, made of black corduroy. A 17" material, such as a notebook, fits perfectly, is very sturdy and is perfect for everyday use.


The Buddy

Made from recycled awnings! This also adds a story to each bag because they have been part of terraces and balconies and Europe. It’s similar in size as the worker. The buddy also has nine very cool designs.


All of the bags have the same options and are available directly at Sakku.

Image Source: Sakku

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