Sagemcom RM50 Internet Radio

While traditional radio sets have given way for portable media players and other such devices for music listening, it may still be the best means to get information like local news, sports and other information in audio form. Instead of waning use, the radio has evolved into something that still keeps it a relevant device for today’s household. There are now Internet radio sets like the Sagemcom RM50 that belongs into this category.

The Sagemcom Internet Radio is also a typical radio set that has just been given an upgrade. Aside from getting FM radio signals, it is also WiFi enabled so that users may be able to go through the Internet for some added wealth of Internet stations to listen to. Aside from being an analogue and Internet radio, the RM50 can also be used to store and play MP3 and WMA audio files. The Sagemcom RM50 Radio is available at Firebox for 100 UK Pounds or around US$166.

Image Source: Sagemcom

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