S1 Audio NxSET Product Series

S1 Audio NxSET Product Series

Conventional earphones and headphones provide ease and convenience to us but sometimes, these two can also strain our ears. Now, S1 Audio is bringing us an audio accessory that has an innovative twist in it. They call this collection the NxSET product series.

The complete set of NxSET products features a unique around-the-neck design for comfort and ease while sharing personal media. It sports a sleek design with a light-weight neckband.

The NxSET product series comes in four different models. NxSET Music 1 includes two speakers which can also be utilized as a portable speaker system. NxSET Music 2 has the features of the NxSET Music 1 with the additional advantage of having a retractable earphone which is ideal for private listening. NxSET Mobile 1, for mobile phones, has a single speaker, a retractable earphone, and a microphone as well. NxSET Mobile 2 shares the features of the NxSET Mobile 2, however, this model has two speakers and two retractable earphones.

The S1 Audio’s NxSET product series is a great deal for music aficionados and gizmo geeks who thrive on comfort, style, and high mobility.

The price and release date of the NxSET product series is yet to be announced by S1 Audio.

Image Source: Gizmodo.com

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