The RYNO Microcycle

RYNODifferent means of transportation brings people from one place to another. Some may be convenient to use for long distances where other forms are ideal for short trips. Having a unique ride is sometimes preferred by some, aside from portability and coolness factor. These features may not always make going from point A to point B any faster. But that may not always be what people look for. These are the features that the RYNO Microcycle intends to highlight.

The RYNO Microcycle is for people who prefer a cool way to go around other than just walking. The RYNO is a one-wheeled electric personal transport that is as cool as it is a convenient ride. It is unique from the usual unicycle in that it comes with handlebars for control. It can travel up to 10 mph, making it faster than walking. Two slide-out rechargeable SLA batteries power the two built-in motors, allowing the RYNO to travel up to 10 miles on a single charge, making it ideal for short-distance travel and a good alternative to walking.

The RYNO Microcycle is for people who look for a cool and stylish ride around the block. It can even elicit a few stares from the crowd wherever it goes. But for this type of opportunity, people may need to fork up to $5,295, the pre-order price for the RYNO.  Early adopters can expect to get a RYNO late this year. Others can expect it sometime in 2015.

Image Source: RYNO Motors

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