RXS PPR4803 Pico Media Projector

 RXS Pico Media Projector

The RXS PPR4803 Pico Media Projector can be a handy accessory to bring along with laptops as well as mobile phones. With mobility being the word increasingly used by most gadget lovers today, having a handy pocket projector like the RXS Pico Media Projector can someday catch on. It provides a means to project images and video onto any suitable flat surface a 50 inch image clear and sharp.

The RXS Pico Media Projector measures 11.5 by 2.2 cm and weighs just 160 grams, quite a handy gadget to have along. The RXS Pico Media Projector is portable enough to create a means to project video and images anywhere you go to share with friends and colleagues.

The RXS PPR4803 Pico Media Projector makes use of 3M’s LED LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) imaging technology. Brightness of its light source is at 12 lumens with the image resolution at 640 by 480 pixels. Projection distance is ideal between the range of one to five feet for clear and sharp quality images. This portable projector is available in the UK with a price of UK 270 pounds at TwistedCarbon.

Image Source: RXS Redshift

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