Runtastic Libra scale measures bone and muscle mass

Runtastic Libra scale

Runtastic Libra scale

Weighing scales have gone a long way from just measuring your body weight. Some of the current bathroom scales even measures your body’s oxygen level and heart rate, but this latest scale from Runtastic edges out all of them.

The Runtastic Libra scale not only displays your weight and body fat measurements, its Bluetooth-based sensor can also calculate your body mass index, muscle mass, bone mass, calorie calculation, and body water content. All these information can be accessed in the Libra mobile app (only iOS for now, with the Android version coming early 2014) and

Runtastic Libra scale and app

Knowing these additional data provides an in-depth look into your weight loss. You may feel frustrated that you do not seem to lose weight, only to realize you are actually gaining muscle mass hence the result.

The company also offers an in-app purchase called Story Running, which provides four interactive audio experiences that would “help users get in shape”. It comes with travel, fantasy, adventure, and motivation modes. For instance, the travel mode immerses runners into the streets of Rio de Janeiro, while you take on the role of an escaping prisoner in the adventure mode.

The Runtastic Libra scale will be available beginning mid-November for $130.

Source: Runtastic

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