RunPhones: Headphones and headband in one



Runners like to zone out from the surrounding noise by listening to their favorite tracks while jogging. They also like to wear headbands to keep sweat away from the eyes. Both runner essentials are sold separately, but one company thought, “Why not put it together?”

RunPhones takes away the bulkiness of headsets and the clunkiness of ear buds. It comes with a patented “headphones in a headband” design, wherein a pair of ultra-thin stereo headphones is lined in a comfortable headband. This running gear fits the head and ears snugly, permitting a slight amount of ambient noise for safety reasons. (You do not want to end up running into a pole because you get carried away from the song.)


RunPhones works with most media players and is available in three different colors and sizes. It is also available in two models. The Summer Version is made of thin “Polartec PowerDry” mesh fabric that keeps the sweat out of the eyes, while the Winter Version is made of thick fleece to keep your ears warm during chilly conditions, all while you hear music in your ears.

The RunPhones are now available online for $39.95.

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