Run4 Bionic Runner

Run4 Bionic RunnerMany people choose running as a way to stay fit. It is an impact activity that may sometimes cause injury along the way. Every step you take running causes an impact with the ground that may lead to injury. In a way, this can be a risky prospect for professional athletes and even the avid runners and fitness buffs. If you wish to get the benefits that running provides in terms of fitness and want to lessen the risk of injury, the new Run4 Bionic Runner may be something worth checking out.

The Run4 Bionic Runner is a unique training device that looks a cross between a bike and a Stairmaster. Actually, it is like a bike without a seat. Users need to stand up and push the pedals to move. The motion is similar to running, but without the impact of your body weight falling into your feet or legs with each step.

The Run4 Bionic Runner provides user with biomechanical advantage over simply running to stay fit. It can be a unique addition to your fitness training. Minimizing the risk of injury helps you maintain better performance and efficiency. It also folds to take up a smaller space for storage when not in use. For those interested in this device, the Run4 Bionic Runner is available for around $810.

Image Source: Run4

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