Rumr messaging app keeps you anonymous

Rumr messaging app

Rumr messaging app

As online anonymity slowly becomes a rarity, especially with news about how authorities pry into your personal information, some tech companies feel the need to “fight back” by strengthening the privacy features of their devices and apps. Rumr, a messaging app available on iOS and Android, is more concerned about anonymity on a social level and its features are designed for that.

Rumr does not ask for usernames or phone numbers. Instead, all your messages appear as a colored chat bubble. Your color is unique compared to the other chatters, and they even change as a new person joins in the discussion, making indentifying the users even more difficult.

“The more friends you add, the more anonymous it becomes,” the app said in its statement.

While founder and CEO James Jerlecki sees the app as a social experiment, but it can also be used in serious situations like when a teenager tells her mother she is pregnant.

“We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about messaging and to us it always seemed there was something missing-as far as a place to let your guard down, a place where you didn’t always have to be perfect,” Jerlecki said in an interview with TechCrunch. “We wanted to create a chat experience that was more open and free-flowing so we thought the way to do that was essentially anonymity–but controlled anonymity.”

Rumr’s anonymous approach is not perfect, however, as users can check the members list to spot who else is joining in the conversation, as well as who has been invited into the chatter.

The app can be downloaded for free both on iTunes and Google Play.
Source: PC Magazine

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