Rumor: Trial Production of iPhone 5S Underway

Don’t you just hate it when you buy the latest smartphone, only to realize an updated version would be available six months from now?

This is probably what some consumers felt when they purchased the iPhone 5, then rumors begin to spread that Apple is preparing for a test production of iPhone 5S in December and volume manufacturing of around 100,000 units in early 2013. The report comes from a Chinese-language publication The Commercial Times, which is then spread by English-language Chinese tech supply publication Digitimes.

If this rumor is true, the iPhone 5S will most likely hit retail stores around six months after the iPhone 5 was released. Analysts say that while it may sound unprecedented, it is not, pointing to the circumstances of the launch of fourth-generation iPad. Unveiled alongside the iPad Mini, the “iPad 4” broke the usual pattern Apple maintains of updating its iOS devices once every year. The tablet was released seven months after the unveiling of the “new” iPad.

The Commercial Times also reported that Apple is likely to release a new version of the iPad within four months after the iPhone 5S.

Source: The Commercial Times, Digitimes, via TechCrunch

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