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Rumor: Nokia to Reveal Two New Windows 8 Phones on September 5

Rumorville has been churning about what kind of Windows 8-powered Lumia phones Nokia is expected on unveil on September 5th. While the struggling Finnish phone maker remains vague about what it will bring to the table, certain sources have revealed interested information.

According to The Verge, Nokia will reveal two new Lumia phones nicknamed “Arrow” and “Phi,” with the latter being groomed to become its flagship smartphone.

Tech reporter Eldar Murtazin purported that the Phi phone, which has a slimmed-down profile, will have a 4.7-inch AMOLED display and a microSD card slot. Other rumors point out about the inclusion of an LTE radio, a dual-core Qualcomm processor, and a polycarbonate body.

AT&T is expected to give the Phi a marketing push, but the extent of which remains to be seen. It is also unknown whether AT&T will be distributing the Phi exclusively.

Meanwhile, information about the Arrow phone remains scant. Sources say this new Lumia smartphone will have a 4- or 4.3-inch display and will be sold in mid-range pricing in both AT&T and T-Mobile.

Source: The Verge, via TechCrunch

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