RuggON Rextorm 10.1″ Rugged Tablet

RuggON Rextorm 10.1 Rugged TabletTablets have become quite common gadgets nowadays. It was only several years ago that many thought it would just be a passing fad. But tablets have strived and become even one of the more sought after devices after the smartphone. Now people have many when it comes to choosing a tablet. Some love their tablets sleek while others love their tablets rugged. For the latter, this new RuggOn Rextorm 10.1″ rugged tablet may be quite appealing.

The RuggON Rextorm PX-501B tablet is the newest tablet under the rugged Rextorm line of tablets designed for better performance in a wide number of uses that typical tablets just will not do. This new tablet runs on the 5th generation Intel Core i5 processors with Turbo Boost Technology for up to 2.9GHz. For better graphics performance, the RuggON Rextorm PX-501B tablet also comes with an up to 1GHz integrated Intel HD Graphics 6000 GPU.

The 10.1-inch RuggON Rextorm PX-501B tablet also comes with better battery life ideal for use in outdoor settings where recharging may be a challenge. The regular battery can run for up to 6.5 hours on a full charge. An extended life battery option can have the tablet going for up to 13 hours on a single charge. For ruggedness, this tablet is rated IP54, meaning it provides complete protection against contact and protection against dust deposits. The tablet is also protected against direct splashes of water as tablets may experience when used in the rain.

The RuggON Rextorm PX-501B tablet is designed for rugged use especially under the harsh elements. This makes it ideal for field work as well as for use in vehicles or in places where the elements always pose a problem. The RuggON Rextorm PX-501B tablet is now available through their official distributors for a base price of $2,799.

Image Source: RuggOn

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