Rubik’s Slide, Your Modern-Day Rubik’s Cube

Remember the days when you could easily solve a Rubik’s Cube by simply peeling off the stickers and rearrange them?  With the Rubik’s Slide, you really need to squeeze some brain juice as this digital game offers a new twist to the puzzle game that has endeared millions.

Rubik’s Slide is played by checking the goal pattern, then sliding the lights into the correct pattern by twisting and shifting the top panel.  Once the puzzle is solved, the device advances to the next puzzle.  Players can choose between the Free Play mode and try to complete over 10,000 puzzles at your own pace, or the Lightning Round where players race against the clock and solve a series of 10 puzzles before time runs out.  Players can also choose between easy, medium, and hard levels of difficulty.  This electronic game also features adjustable volume control and high score memory. 

Rubik’s Slide is recommended for players ages 8 and up and will be available on Fall 2010 for US$17.99.

Source:  Techno Source , via CrunchGear

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