Rubber Boots that Charge Your Cell Phone as You Wear Them

Why, you may ask? Why the need for a pair of rubber boots, or wellies in the Queen’s English, to be used as cellphone chargers? Simply because the Orange Power Wellies is suitable for foot-stomping hipsters as they dance on a vast muddy field for the upcoming Glastonbury Festival.

Created through a collaboration between Orange and GotWind, these boots converts heat created from the wearer’s feet into an electrical current. A twelve-hours worth of grooving along with the performing bands create enough energy to recharge a plugged-in mobile phone for up to an hour. The wearer can even try to increase the amount of energy produced by entering in closed spaces like the dance tent.

A prototype of the Orange Power Wellies with be displayed during the festival, with an expected launch in mid-June.

Source: Engadget

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