Royole-X Smart Mobile Theatre

Royole-XMany people are eagerly awaiting the eventual acceptance of virtual reality devices. While those bulky goggles have already tickled a lot of us about their capabilities, it is still a puzzle why such ideas have never really taken off. Perhaps the public just do not care that much of virtual reality just yet. So maybe manufacturers should instead focus on something that people really do want right now, a portable wearable goggles that lets people enjoy watching a theatre screen on their own private nook. That is what the new Royole-X expects to offer.

The Royole-X Smart Mobile Theatre is a foldable wearable display that allows users to enjoy watching movies on a virtual screen similar to what they experience when watching at a movie theatre. Combined with a headset that offers virtual theatre sound, users of the Royole-X Smart Mobile Theatre can finally have a movie theatre experience even when they are at home. The Royole-X Smart Mobile Theatre employs a display technology that allows having the world’s highest pixel density at 3,300 pixels per inch, ten times more than the current smartphone displays today. This enables users of the Royole-X to enjoy a truly clear mobile theatre.

But that is not all the Royole-X Smart Mobile Theatre can offer. Users can also use it as a display for video games as well as a computer monitor when attached to their laptop or PC. With the hardware able to offer five different video input connections, users have different ways to enjoy movies from different sources. The Royole-X Smart Mobile Theatre is currently in its production stage and is available for pre-order at the crowd funding site Indiegogo. The makers expect the mobile theatre wearable display to be available early next year. It is expected to cost around $699.


Image Source: Indiegogo

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