Rovio WiFi Mobile Web Camera

Just when you thought that web cameras come out the same as they have before, then you should try to widen your choices a bit. There are some manufacturers that have given some ordinary devices such as the common web cam their own bit of creativity. One such example would be the Rovio Mobile Webcam.

The Rovio Mobile Webcam is a WiFi enabled web camera that is more than just any other web camera you may have seen. You can call it a webcam on wheels. The Rovio allows users to remotely control this roving web cam through an Internet connection. It has a movable head-mounted camera that allows users to see as well as hear the same as what the Rovio does, even from miles away. The video and audio can be streamed online through a PC, a gaming console or even an iPhone.

Waypoints can also be set for the Rovio for a certain area so that users don’t need to navigate it every step of the way. It also has self docking capabilities allowing it to charge up by itself on its docking station by a click of a button. The Rovio Mobile Webcam is available at Amazon for US$127.

Image Source: WowWie

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