Rovio Introduces Angry Birds Star Wars

As hinted a week ago, the Angry Birds franchise has gone to new heights… or galaxies.

Rovio is set to launch Angry Birds Star Wars, a new themed version of the popular physics-based catapult game. The app will be based on the Angry Birds Space version. The birds are made to look like Rebel Alliance members Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Ben Kenobi, and Princess Leia; meanwhile, the evil stormtrooper pigs are lead by a porcine version of Darth Vader.

The planets are based from Star Wars universe, including Tatooine and Hoth. Even the famous theme scored by John Williams has been re-worked for this game.

Angry Birds Star Wars is set to hit iOS, Android, and PC platforms beginning November 8th.

Source: USA Today, via The Guardian

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