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Roto VRVirtual reality seems to be the next big thing nowadays. There are quite a number of VR devices now becoming available in many shapes and forms. There are VR headsets and their accessories finding their way into gadget shows where many of such devices first get introduced. Many companies are trying to make VR as immersive as possible. Some are even trying to make the experience more comfortable for some. Such is the aim for the makers of the new Roto VR.

While some manufacturers are focusing on how to make VR more immersive from the visual perspective, the makers of the Roto VR are trying to make it for comfortable. While current VR and 3D technology have advanced quite several steps from where it was before, they are still a bit far from being perfect. People trying to experience VR through the various VR headsets available fell a bit nauseated and disoriented from their first experience in the VR world. Sometimes, they cannot even keep up their balance. The Roto VR aims to keep the experience more comfortable by letting people experience VR while seated and yet still get immersed in the virtual world.

The Roto VR is a supplemental gadget for VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and even similar smartphone-powered headwear like the Samsung Gear VR. It is a motorized chair platform that comes with a footplate controller to control the speed and direction of a spinning seat. People who try on a VR headset may not always have limited movement when trying to explore the virtual environment 360-degrees. Sure, users can turn their heads to see what is within their peripheral vision. But they usually need to turn around when they need to see something from the back. Sitting on a fixed chair will not provide this option. Seating on a chair set on the Roto VR will.

The Roto VR will allow seated individuals to be able to see what is on the back of their virtual environment while sitting down by simply spinning the Roto VR platform around. Users can fix a chair into the platform to make it work. Controlling the views using the footplate makes the experience more comfortable for VR headset users. They can have 360-degree views of their virtual environment even while seated. Built-in WiFi connectivity allows connecting to Android VR headsets like the Samsung Gear VR. The Roto VR is still on its prototype stage. The makers are planning to develop it into a modular system of devices that will allow users to connect other peripheral devices in the future to enhance the VR experience even further. The makers are also planning to conduct a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to start off production if they get the funds needed. Their plan is to make the platform and footplate available for around $310.

Here’s hoping they succeed on this endeavor.

Image Source: Roto

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