Rotary Phone iPhone Dock

 Rotary Phone iPhone Dock

Mixing the technology in modern gadgets with antique pieces of art sometimes cause glitches. But in some cases, they do work. Fortunately, the Rotary Phone iPhone Dock is one that does.

The Rotary Phone iPhone Dock is a simple and uncomplicated device that has been created to complement the decors of an iPhone.

The basics of this gadget border on the combination of a technology that is dated back to the 40’s together with the advanced communication gadget of this day and age. Save for some internal parts, much about the old telephone is scrapped, merely leaving behind a small amplifier and a subwoofer neatly hidden behind the very dial of this device.

Other modifications include an iPhone cradle and an IR sensor.

This retro accessory to the iPhone is so cool because it deliver a superb power, summing up with the woofer for a no-nonsense 16W max, well enough to rock your room.

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