Roomba iRobot 410 Vacuum Cleaner

Roomba iRobot 410 Vacuum Cleaner

Homeowners, and even pet owners, are extremely pleased with the Roomba iRobot 410 Vacuum Cleaner. It is a convenient and user-friendly vacuum robot which offers a great housecleaning job. It is equipped with a powerful vacuum and a counter-rotating brush for the effective elimination of dust, dirt, debris, and the likes.

It not only focuses on your carpet, but on the base of walls, corners, and hard-to-reach places as well. This vacuum robot also comes with a stasis sensor that has pre-programmed escape routines in case it gets stuck in certain areas of the house.

A single pressing of its button will automatically adjust this vacuum robot for whether it would be utilized to clean wood, tile, linoleum, and carpet materials. With this vacuum robot around, maintaining a clean and orderly home would be no sweat at all.

This vacuum robot costs $149.99.

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