Romo Upgraded With Telepresence

Advances in robotic technology have made them available more than ever even to ordinary consumers. While they have still a long way to go before taking up humanoid characteristics, these robots show that it is possible now to create them commercially. They can entertain, help around the house or programmed to fulfill an essential function humans normally cannot. Now, robots can now act as able companions for people separated with loved ones by distance. There are new and interesting robots like Romo that helps fill the void that separation creates through telepresence.

The Romo is a small yet unique smartphone robot designed with the use of an iOS device. It is composed of a wheeled base that comes with a docking station for an iPhone or an iPod. With an uploaded app, the iOS device becomes the brains and the face of the robot. Primary end-users of the robot are kids who will find its educational and learning features fun and enjoyable. For instance, kids can learn to easily program the Romo how to react when seeing someone. It comes with face detection and other sensors to help give it some added functions.

Not only that, the Romo has also been given an upgrade with a telepresence feature. This allows invited users from far away to connect with Romo to engage in video and audio chats with its small owners. It also allows the same invited users to control the Romo wirelessly right from their computer, tablet or iOS device. Possible uses include giving dads on a business trip to roam around the house using Romo and say good night to the kids before they sleep. Grandparents living on another state can stay closer with the grandkids and play with them using the telepresence feature of the Romo. This unique robot offers a function that will make it a kid’s new friend at home. The Romo is now available at Romotive for US$149, iOS device not included. Versions for the iPhone 5 and the iPod Touch 5 are currently available for pre-order.

Image Source: Romotive

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